How to Give Yourself a Raise

Earning more money isn’t just about getting paid more for your work. It’s also about paying yourself more on your paychecks. Fortunately, how much money from your paycheck actually goes into your bank account is largely up to you.

In particular, you control how much of your paycheck goes into income tax withholding payments and employee benefits packages, including insurance policies as well as savings plans like your company 401(k). Most of us pay thousands of dollars in tax withholding and employee benefits on our paychecks without even realizing it, which results in much less money going into our bank accounts.

Is that a good thing? It depends.

How to Pay for Stuff

Figuring out how to pay for things can be difficult, because you have a near-endless number of options to pay for things. Once upon a time, paying for goods and services just meant checking to see whether you had enough cash in your wallet, and forking over the right amount. Those days are long gone.

Today, you can choose to pay for virtually anything you plan to buy in one of four very different ways.

How to Manage Money as a Couple

Managing money as a couple is hard, because each person brings their own wants, needs, habits, values, beliefs, and experiences to the table about money. But it’s also necessary to do well, as money problems are a leading cause of divorce for married couples, and money is a leading cause of stress for nearly all of us.

So how should we manage money as couples?

In my work as a financial planner (and in my tenure as a husband!), I’ve seen four models: two that work well, and two that don’t work so well. 

Why NOW is the Best Time to Start Saving

Saving and investing money is important, whether you’re saving for a down payment on a new home or car, a longer term goal like retirement, or something else entirely. We all know this. Even so, most of us choose to spend all of our money today, rather than save it for tomorrow.

I get it. I’m human. I like to spend all of my money too. But the reality is that saving and investing a portion of your income today to instead spend it on bigger and better things in the future is not only possible, but absolutely necessary.

What’s so good about saving money now, anyways?